recommended Here’s what clients say about Ken’s work:

“Ken Carver takes pride in his work. He is pleasant and easy to work with while helping the author focus on producing a superior product. I found that Ken is cooperative, dedicated, and conscientious. As he makes the expected checks for things such as grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and clarity, he develops an understanding of any technical subject matter so that he can offer critical and discerning suggestions to improve the quality of the work. I recommend him very highly.”

Richard Myers, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Dean Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi


“Ken Carver is a gifted writer and editor with a keen eye for detail. He catches every grammatical error, hyphen, and apostrophe and knows where to break paragraphs, and how to fill in gaps. Ken knows how to say what an author thinks he’s saying and still maintain the author’s voice. Reading my initial manuscript was like driving down a rough gravel road. Thankfully, Ken smoothed it out, paved and striped it! He was my coach as well as my editor.”

Ken Slaughter, Pastor
Mt. Repose First Baptist Church
Milford, Ohio


“Ken Carver likes to joke that I have him on retainer here at CFBC. That’s just about the truth. We prepare a lot of publications throughout the year, and what he doesn’t write, he edits. I depend on him to make sure that it all is not only grammatically correct, but reads easily and follows the chosen format.”

Sam Nichols, Executive Pastor
Collierville First Baptist Church
Collierville, Tennessee